Hannah's Headlines-5/17/2017

Dad Inspires Others To Help Pay Off School Lunch Debt in Seattle

When Seattle dad Jeffrey Lew created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to pay for the outstanding school lunch bills for families in their school district, he inspired others to get in the act. Now other people in the community have stepped up to help erase school lunch debts, too.

Christy Lee and her husband Tom originally planned to donate to a single school, but they ended up giving close to $5,500, which helped wipe out debt at all 10 elementary schools in the Marysville School District.

“I was inspired by Jeff and what he did for Seattle Public Schools,” says Sarah Lenaburg, who is also coordinating a fundraising effort for Everett students. “No kid should have to worry about eating lunch."

So far Lew’s GoFundMe campaign has gotten more than $23,000 in donations and it’s only been a week. He plans to use the excess money to help negate future lunch debts, so students won’t have endure “lunch shaming” or worry if they can eat that day.

Source: KOMO

It Is Possible To Be “Skinny Fat” And Science Says That’s Just Not Good

Anyone who’s got a few pounds to lose has probably looked at gals with perfect bodies with death ray eyes, but it turns out there may not necessarily be a reason for you to be so jealous. Believe it or not, according to a science, just because that person in line in front of you at Starbucks is super skinny, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthier than you.

The study out of the UK finds that whether you are fat or skinny, there is a chance you could be carrying fat around vital abdominal organs, including the heart and kidneys that could be a danger to your health. Such fat is called visceral fat, with some considering it silent killer because even if you’re thin you could be carrying it around. It’s actually more dangerous than subcutaneous fat that’s stored beneath the skin.

Such “skinny fat” people are those who may look thin, but have poor diets and rarely exercise. If such high levels of visceral fat are stored in the body it can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. 

Source: New York Post

Today is National Cherry Cobbler Day

May 17th is… National Cherry Cobbler Day! The United States has many cobbler recipes that refer to a variety of dishes with fruit filling. Today we celebrate the Cherry Cobbler, filled with rich fruit filling drizzling out of a biscuit dough crust –sounds delish or what?!

Back in the 19th century, pioneers of the American West had to alter recipes because of a severe lack of ingredients. Therefore, the traditional Cobbler pie was originally served as the main dish for many meals. I bet your nine-year-old self wouldn’t mind that! Celebrate on this relaxing Sunday by baking your own Cherry Cobbler, be a rebel and add a scoop of ice cream on the side - YUM!

Today is Pack Rat Day

May 17th is… Pack Rat Day! We can all a little bit materialistic, and tend to buy, own and hoard more ‘stuff’ than we might really need. And while some take it to the extreme, let’s face it – most of us are pack rats than we want to admit…hoarders of treasures and possessions that we can totally live without.

Pack Rat Day encourages us to embrace the fact that we want to keep stuff, and suggests that you shouldn’t throw your old belongings, clothes or even rubbish away as it may be useful or valuable in days or years to come. Seriously – you know those boxes that just move with you? The ones that never get emptied? Why not go through them…clear out some of the dead weight? Or what about those little pockets of chaos around the house? You might be surprised to find out how much calm enters your brain when some of the mess goes away.

Guys Would You Wear A One Piece Romper This Summer?

A Kickstarter campaign for the one-piece garment, known as the RompHim, launched by Chicago-based ACED Design raised $45,067 within a day after its launch on May 15. "Turn heads and break hearts when you take your RompHim for a spin," the item description states. "Is it a romper specially designed for men? Sure, but it's also so much more." The RompHim features a front shirt pocket, deep front pockets, adjustable waist tabs, a zipper back pocket and a zipper fly. Each RompHim can be purchased individually through the ACED Design's Kickstarter page for $95. They are also available in a 2-pack and 3-pack for $175 and $255 respectively.

Link: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2017/05/16/RompHim-romper-for-men-promises-summer

NJ Pediatrician Warns Of Dangers Of Excessive Caffeine

A pediatrician is warning of the dangers of combining energy drinks with other caffeinated beverages following the death of a South Carolina teenager. Dr. Robert Tozzi [[TAW-zee]] at Hackensack University Medical Center says energy drinks contain chemicals that can be very dangerous when combined with caffeine.

The timing for the message couldn’t be better – as a South Carolina coroner on Monday ruled the cause of death for 16-year-old Davis Cripe as a "caffeine-induced cardiac event."

Officials say Cripe drank a large diet Mountain Dew soda, coffee and an energy drink within a two-hour stretch. A short time later, he collapsed and was pronounced dead at a hospital. How much caffeine is okay for teens in the course of a day? About 100-milligrams (mg) – that’s the amount in an eight-ounce cup of coffee, or a 16-ounce can of soda. For adults, it’s considered safe to consume between 400-500-mg over 24 hours.

Source: Metro Networks

Man Sues Date Over Rude Movie Behavior

If you’re going on a date to see the biggest movie of the year so far, you may want to put your phone away.

A Texas man is suing his date because she wouldn't stop texting during a movie. Brandon Vezmar met the unnamed woman online and went to go see "Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Two" earlier this month. His complaint, filed in Travis County small claims court, says she kept texting throughout the film.

He eventually asked her to go outside to text, so she left and didn't come back. Vezmar is seeking 17-dollars and 31 cents, the price of his ticket. "While damages sought are modest," the complaint says, "the principle is important as defendant's behavior is a threat to civilized society."

The woman says Vezmar did ask for the money but she refused because he was taking her out on a date. She also doesn’t see why her texting was a problem.Source: Austin Statesman

Lucky Charms giving away marshmallow only boxes: If you’re someone who thinks the marshmallows are the best part of Lucky Charms cereal you’re in luck. In case you missed it, General Mills just announced they are giving away 10,000 marshmallow-only boxes. Unfortunately, you can’t just go to the store and grab the special boxes. Starting this month, select retailers will be selling specially marked boxes of Lucky Charms that contain a 14-digit code inside, and that code could win you the special marshmallow box. Click here for more info. Source: Huffington Post


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