Hannah's Headlines- 5/18/2017

Oreo Offering $500K For New Oreo Flavor Idea

Do you have an idea for a new Oreo flavor? The cookie company has announced a new My Oreo Creation Contest, which wants fans to send in their best ideas via text, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtags #MyOreoCreation and #Contest. You can also submit your idea on their website itself starting May 25.

If you think you have the perfect winning flavor, you might want to check out some of the delicious sounding submissions that have already been sent in. They’ve already gotten over eight-thousand on Instagram!

Here are some of the best flavor suggestions so far:

  • Churro Oreos
  • Butterfinger Oreos
  • Oreo Cream Oreos
  • Acai Bowl Oreos
  • Biscoff Cookie Butter Oreos
  • Fortune Cookie Oreos
  • Kettle Corn Oreos
  • French Toast Oreos
  • Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Oreos
  • Mexican Cake Oreos
  • Floral-Flavored Oreos
  • Krispy Kreme Doughnut Oreos
  • Nilla Wafer Banana Pudding Oreos


Study Says Guys Should Hold Up A PUPPY If They Want To Be More Attractive To Women

It might be time to reconsider your wingman: Holding a puppy makes you more attractive to women, according to a new survey from Petsies, a South Florida-based toy company. Their team showed 1,000 Americans photos of people with and without dogs and cats, then they were asked to rank them based on the type of animal they were holding. Women perceived men as 13.4-percent more attractive and 23.8-percent sexier when holding a puppy. No worries, the effects persist when your pup grows up: Holding small, medium, and large dogs still gives you an extra boost of sex appeal, the survey found.

Link: http://www.menshealth.com/sex-women/puppies-make-you-sexier-to-women

Today is National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

May 18th is National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day! This day serves as an annual reminder about the safety of HIV, also to recognize and thank all of the thousands of volunteers, community members, health professionals and scientists that work together to find an effective HIV vaccine.

There is scientific evidence that a safe and effective HIV vaccine is possible. In 2009, a clinical trial in Thailand involving 16,000 people showed for the first time that a vaccine could safely prevent HIV infection in a modest proportion of study participants. Many of the best researchers in HIV vaccine science are examining blood samples and data from the Thai trial to learn how the vaccine candidate prevented HIV infections and how it could be modified to be more effective.

To speed up testing of promising HIV vaccine candidates, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at NIH is exploring the use of innovative or adaptive clinical trial designs that let scientists quickly modify ongoing trials in response to data acquired during the study. Such flexibility in trial design will allow the research community to enhance study of vaccine candidates.

Be part of the generation that creates a vaccine to prevent HIV.

Learn about HIV vaccine trials and how to become involved at Be the Generation.

Today is National Cheese Soufflé Day

Do we seem a little puffed up today? There’s a great reason - May 18this National Cheese Soufflé DayThe word soufflé first appeared in English in Louis Ude's “The French Cook” (1813), and by 1845 was so commonly accepted that in Eliza Acton's Modern Cookery (1845) a recipe for soufflé was included as just another recipe.

The name for this savory, airy cake comes from a French verb, souffler, which literally means to "blow up" or "puff up." That's the delicious alchemy that happens when custard and whipped egg whites take a leisurely nap in a hot, closed oven.And yes, "closed" is key. There's a reason soufflés are so often played for laughs in film and television. They're temperamental little things, prone to falling flat as a result of temperature shifts and excess vibrations.

Soufflés also take a goodly chunk of time to make, so if they're desired for dessert, diners are often asked to place their orders along with the main courses.

But a classic cheese soufflé can be a showstopping main course for an at-home dinner party (or holiday). The base can be made and refrigerated ahead of time, but once baked, it's best served steaming hot from the oven. It will deflate a tiny bit on the table, but you’ll still score gasps from guests.

Today is International Museum Day

May 18th is International Museum Day! Organized in 1977 by the World Museum Community, this day offers the opportunity for all of us to be reminded about how important museums are in the development of society. This year, the theme is “Museums and Cultural Landscapes,” and with more than 35,000 museums participating in the event in some 145 countries – we can all have the chance to get our museum on as many organizations are sponsoring a wide range of activities. To see if there’s something specific going on in your neck of the woods, log on to the International Council of Museums (ICOM) website at ICOM.museum.

But you can also reach out to that local museum you’ve been meaning to check out – after all, the objective of International Museum Day is to remind people that “museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples.” And you don’t need a fancy day to do that, right?

Today is National Visit Your Relatives Day

May 18th is National Visit Your Relatives Day! Just for today, incase you don’t do this often, visit a relative. It’s easy for us to get caught up in the busy times of the today’s fast pace lifestyle, that we often don’t make time to visit family. Today serves as a reminder to stop for a moment, and take some time to visit those relatives that you care about and haven’t seen for a while.

It’s hard when your family doesn’t live close by, but the whole point of today is to take that travel time. If that seems impossible, there are other alternatives, such as a phone call or even a live chat. Today’s technology allows us to communicate many ways that could still show your relatives how much you care.

The Very First Nutella Café Will Open in Chicago Later This Month

The menu will make your mouth water. 

Nutella deevotes rejoice: The iconic hazelnut spread – usually only available in grocery stores – will get its very own café in Chicago.

How to make Nutella tiramisu

The café, owned and operated by Ferrero, the confectionary company that produces the spread, will offer a whole range of (you guessed it) Nutella inspired dishes (a much smaller Nutella stand at Eatly in New York City's Flatiron district offers similar fare).  

The Chicago café's menu is packed with the classic sweets of course, like Nutella crêpes, gelato, and sandwich cookies filled with Nutella, in addition to some more creative fair for breakfast, like steel-cut oats topped with the spread, a liege waffle and croissant French toast. If you want to really embrace the café’s theme, there’s a family sized Nutella fondue platter available as well.

For those who are looking for snacks that are a little more savory, there will be a hearty lunch menu available at the café as well that includes daily soups, paninis and salads. You can pair the whole menu with a cup of coffee, of course – perfect a sit down lunch you can finish with a covetable dessert. 

If you’re worried that the Nutella café will indulge your sweet tooth but hurt your waistline, don’t worry – all the menu items that feature Nutella clock in at under 400 calories per portion.

The café opens at 10:00 a.m. on Monday May 31st, with a surprise for the first 400 fans that line-up for the grand opening – and if you can get there, we honestly don’t think it’s worth missing.

A Brilliant Way To Mess With A Creepy Man

Feminista Jones knows how to push buttons and we are LOVING it. The author and activist posted a simple tweet of advice on how to piss of a creepy complimentary man. And it is too simple to work. But it does.

All you have to do is tell him you agree with him. That’s it, end of story. Judging by the male responses to her post that advice is golden. Countless people now know this awesome trick because the tweet is viral.

We won’t get into why it works, that’s best left to the professionals, just feel free to use it in your daily life and enjoy the shocked look when he says “hey mama you are hot!” and you say “Yeah, I know.”

Source: Cosmopolitan

Here's Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty Stealing Toiletries From Hotels

Are you someone who always steals the toiletries after a stay at a hotel, especially a nice one? Well, we bet some of you feel guilty about it, but turns out you shouldn’t be. In fact, by taking those little shampoo and conditioner bottles you may be helping the environment. 

According to reports, hotel guests leave behind millions of half-used shampoo bottles and soap every day, and as you can imagine hotels don’t exactly re-use them. Instead, they simply throw them out, and they wind up in landfills which is bad for the environment. If you take them home, finish them and the recycle the bottles you can actually say you’re saving the planet.

But there are people trying to do some good with those half-empty bottles. Many of the world’s poorest people don’t have access to proper sanitation, which can lead to dairrhoel disease, which is the leading cause of death among children five and under, and one organization is out to fix that. 

  • Clean the World takes leftover soap from hotels, sanitizes them and then distributes them to people in need. They are currently working with more than 300 hotels and since 2009, they've  distributed more than 40-million bars of soap to families across 115 countries. What’s more, an estimated six-million empty soaps and toiletries didn’t wind up in landfills.

Source: New York Post 

10 Things Your Parents Told You That Aren’t True

Peeing in the pool will not turn the water around you red.

Everyone’s done it and anyone who says they haven’t done it is as full of crap as this myth. However, a poll found that most parents, themselves, believed that urine-detection pool dye is a real thing, which doesn’t make too much sense assuming most of them have tried and failed. I mean, maybe the water turned red… but that probably only means that they were dehydrated…

Sitting too close to the TV will not ruin your eyesight.

Children actually focus better close-up, so sitting near the television makes sense. Doing so for too long can induce a gnarly headache, but it won’t actually damage your eye sight. It may just strain them a bit, which is less likely to happen for children than adults, since their eyes are better at adjusting focus and thus less susceptible to stress.

Looking inside the microwave while it’s running will not deform your future babies.

Microwaves emit non-ionizing radiation, so they don’t have the same risks as x-rays or the like. Therefore, they will not cause you any harm unless, of course, you heat body tissue in the same way that you heat your food. Exposure to high levels of microwaves can burn the skin or cause cataracts but the energy from inside cannot leak outside of your microwave, impale your insides and obliterate your sperm.

You can go swimming before you digest for at least 30 minutes.

Many people believe that eating diverts blood away from the muscles and to the stomach, thereby increasingly the likelihood of cramping up and subsequently increasing the chances of drowning. But eating does not actually exacerbate that danger. What does? Dehydration, muscle fatigue and a lack of sodium.

Eating carrots will not give you night vision.

Carrots are chockfull of beta-carotene that converts to Vitamin A, which promotes good eye health. So eating carrots won’t increase your visual acuity, but it’s not bad for you either.

If you swallow your gum, it will not stay in your stomach for seven years.

This myth is quite pervasive but the truth is: When gum is swallowed, the stomach doesn’t digest it but instead pushes it right through. It won’t actually just stick to the walls of your stomach in a vat of hydrochloric acid. The logic here is fundamentally flawed, however, if you swallow too much gum at once, you do run the risk of causing a blockage in the digestive tract since the many pieces can stick together.

Wet hair will not make you sick.

Okay, so maybe for most of you, going to sleep with wet hair isn’t something you’ve heard before. Since, well, your hair probably dries a heck of a lot faster than mine (unless of course it’s long—and I’m a recent endorser of the man bun, so I approve). But even going outside with wet hair, unless you have a buzz cut, can make things a bit chillier. And I bet your parents told you not to do it growing up because you’ll get a cold. Well get this: The cold weather can dry out your nasal lining and make you more susceptible to the viruses known to cause colds, but wetness has nothing to do with it. Likewise, going outside without a coat also has nothing to do with it.

Cracking your knuckles will not give you arthritis.

Sure, it kind of grosses people out and a lot of people find it rude—but a lot of other people find it addictive (a lot of people meaning me) and live their whole lives in fear that arthritis is inevitably awaiting them so they try to stop but, alas, to no avail. So is it annoying? Yes. It even annoys me when I crack my own knuckles. Will it cause permanent damage? No. Not unless you break your finger doing it. You can indeed cause some ligament damage and reduce grip strength though.

Reading in the dark will not damage your eyes.

Just like watching the television too closely, you can strain your eyes, but permanent long-term damage is an unlikely result of reading in insufficient light. Your parents just told you that so you’d finally go to sleep and they could have some much-needed alone time—for the same reasons they told you storks deliver babies.

Your hair will not grow back thicker after shaving it.

The notion that your hair follicles will change in shape and start suddenly sprouting thicker, coarser and darker hair is just not true. It might be darker for a bit before it’s exposed to light, but it’s certainly no different in texture. It only appears that way because these Keratinous protein filaments growing on our heads have tapered ends, so when you chop off said ends, the hair appears thicker. If this was factual, most women would have gorilla legs.

Link: http://www.mademan.com/10-things-your-parents-told-you-that-arent-true/


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