Japanese Princess Abdicates To Marry Commoner

Plenty of women would love to be a princess, but Japan’s Princess Mako is giving up her life of royalty for love. The 25-year-old daughter of Prince Akishino and granddaughter of Emperor Akihito wants to marry a commoner - Kei Komuro. And she’s giving up her royal title to do it.

As the story goes, the couple met at a study-abroad event at a restaurant in Tokyo around five years ago, while they were both students at the International Christian University there. Now, it’s not like the family’s upset – the Imperial Household has confirmed plans are in motion for them to become engaged.

But when Princess Mako marries Komuro, she’ll become a commoner. Still, it’s not like she’d have ever been head of the Chrysanthemum Throne anyway – unlike what happened in Britain, they only pass that position down to male heirs. Her father and younger brother are in line to succeed the Emperor, but her uncle, Crown Prince Naruhito, is first in line.

Since Japanese weddings for royal family members are “highly ritualized,” it’ll probably be awhile before the nuptials. First, we can expect a public announcement, most likely next month, and then a wedding date, followed by a “formal report to the emperor and empress.”

And even though it’s not official yet, congratulations to the happy couple. Komuro must be some amazing guy for Mako to give up being a princess to follow her heart.

Source: People


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