Young People Are Going Gray On Purpose

While rainbow hair and pastel hair are still big trends, those looks aren’t for everyone. And some colorists are taking their client’s hair in a much darker direction - a deep gray shade that they’re calling charcoal hair. Yep, people are coloring their hair gray on purpose.

The gray hair trend isn’t totally new, some people have been rocking the look for years. But this shade is unique, it’s dark - not quite black and not quite silver either, and it has a hint of blue, too.

“The balance of blue and gray is really key,” explains colorist Maayan Birnstein. “The hair needs to have no orange remaining in it.” She says the way to make sure that happens is to ask the colorist for a bleach and tone.

Check out #charcoal hair on Instagram to see the variety of ways young women are wearing the gray hair look. And if you’re thinking of trying charcoal hair yourself, you can’t get this color from a box, so let a professional turn your tresses gray instead of trying to DIY.

Source: Allure


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