NFL Easing Up On TD Celebration Penalties

The NFL has followed through on a promise to relax rules for player celebrations. The move is in response to widespread criticism last season about penalties and fines that targeted harmless and spontaneous moments.At the NFL’s spring meeting in Chicago, Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that players will now be allowed to use the ball as a prop and celebrate in groups. Players can also go to the ground to celebrate in the form of snow angels. Those actions had been banned in recent years.Goodell says players have asked for more freedom, but notes that offensive demonstrations or prolonged celebrations that delay the game will still be subject to penalties.

  •  ONE MORE THING!  "Twerking" is still expected to be penalized, in the same way it was for Anotino Brown of the Pittsburg Steelers last September. Brown took to Twitter on Tuesday night to share his reaction to the announcement. View image on Twitter

    View image on Twitter

    Source: SBNation


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