The Drunkest City In America Is Crowned

The drunkest city in America is Green Bay, Wisconsin.

A new study of 400 metro areas says the home of the Green Bay Packers is number one on the party list. The study released Wednesday by 24-7 Wall Street says, "The excessive drinking rate among adults in Green Bay is the highest of any metro area in the country."

According to the study, Green Bay has 138 bars and over 26% of adult residents binge drink. Last year's drunkest city was nearby Appleton, Wisconsin, which fell to third place this time around. Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is hanging in there at number two.

Of the 20 “most drunk” cities nine are in Wisconsin. Now that’s a party state!

On the flip side, the driest city in the country is Provo, Utah.

Source: 247 Wall Street


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