Hannah's Headlines- 6/11/2017

Man Plunges To His Death While Taking A Selfie

Yet again, we have to remind you no selfie is worth your life. In case you missed it, a man from Spokane, Washington was trying to snap a picture with his girlfriend atop Palouse Falls State Park when he slipped. 

According to his girlfriend, the unnamed man hit a rock as he fell 198-feet. At this point, officials are presuming the man has died. 

This accident, however tragic, most likely won't come as a total shock to Washington State Parks. Apparently park officials put up temporary fencing to prevent hikers from attempting potentially dangerous trails the falls back in 2015. Last year, however, the fence was removed and replaced with signs warning visitors to avoid unmarked trails. 

Source: Daily Mail

Have You Ever Tried An “Eating Challenge” At A Restaurant?

I’ve never tried an eating or meal challenge but my brother-in-law has and failed every time. I don’t understand them to be honest with you. I want to enjoy my food, not scarf it down for a free meal and a tee shirt. The Gold Curry restaurant in Japan is offering a grand prize of $900 to any person that can eat over 20 pounds of rice and curry in just one hour, which I for one don’t think is humanly possible without rupturing your stomach.

Today is Oscar the Grouch’s birthday (1969), today is national go barefoot day, world milk day, and flip a coin day.

Kitchen Items People Regret Putting On Their Wedding Registry

A lot of married couples find that a bunch of the stuff they registered for is actually useless in their daily lives. And things they actually use all the time never made it to their wedding registry. These are the most common kitchen items couples regret registering for, according to “Epicurious.”

Juicer - This was the number one wedding registry regret among the couples. People say “it just sits there making me feel guilty,” it takes up too much space, and it has too many parts and it too hard to clean. So make sure you’ll actually use one if you add it to your registry.

Fancy china serving dishes - When it comes to practical things you’ll use all the time, fancy serving pieces don’t make the cut. So while that big, beautiful china platter looks appealing, you might be better off adding some sturdy, medium-sized serving dishes that are more functional instead.

Extra-breakable glassware - Very thin wine glasses, champagne flutes, and delicate water glasses look pretty, but a lot of people regret registering for them because they’re so fragile. When you’re doing your registry online, it’s hard to tell how heavy things are, so it’s better to head to the store and hold things in your hand to get the feel for them.

Pots and pan sets - Lots of married couples find they don’t use the whole set of fancy nonstick skillets they registered for and wish they had done their research about what they really needed first. You’re better off getting your pots and pans a la carte if you don’t think you’ll use the whole set.

Immersion blender or other redundant appliances - You don’t need to put an immersion blender and a regular blender on your registry. And if you’re getting a Vitamix, that’s probably all you’ll use, so register for just that instead.

Source: Epicurious

Woman tries to trade her baby for Taco Bell

One woman in Evansville, Indiana is very dedicated to her Taco Bell. According to local authorities, she tried to exchange her child for a 12-pack of tacos. It's unclear what exactly happened to the woman, but commenters on Facebook are impressed with her creativity. Source: Evansville Watch

Cool Water Just As Good As Hot For Killing Germs

We’ve been told time and time again that we should wash our hands thoroughly if we don’t want to get sick from germs that are out there, but it turns out we may not need to scald our skin to effectively kill all that unwanted bacteria.

According to a new Rutgers-New Brunswick study, hot water isn’t necessarily the only way to kill germs. In fact, cool water removes just as much harmful bacteria as hot. 

The study exposed 21 participants to high levels of harmless bacteria many times over a six month period. The subjects were then asked to wash their hands at various degrees of temperature 60-degree, 79-degree or 100-degree water, using a variety of soap amounts.

In the end “the temperature of the water used didn't matter," in killing bacteria, although the study did suggest that washing for at least ten seconds “significantly removed bacteria from the hands." It also suggests that there may not be a difference between the amount of soap used, although more testing on the subject needs to be done.

Source: Rutgers

What Does Your Bad Sex Dream Mean?

It’s really shocking when you have a sex dream about someone you hate. What could it mean? Are you secretly in love with them? Is your subconscious trying to tell you something? Dream interpreter Hilda Burke breaks it down for us.

Could some dreams be meaningless? For sure. But overall Burke says it depends on the context of the dream. If you wake up completely disgusted by the idea of having sex with your arch nemesis, it’s possible your brain was just firing off random thoughts and not actually encouraging you to have sex with your enemy.

Sex in dreams can also symbolize things other than sex. Sex could mean a sort of envy for a person, love, or security. Thank goodness! Those bad sex dreams are brutal.

Source: Refinery29

Lets Play “Do You Wish”

Do you wish that?

  • Babies could talk or dogs could talk?
  • You had more money or more friends?
  • Cigarettes were healthy or candy was good for you?
  • Fix your own car or your car drive itself?
  • Have a stomach bug for one day or a sore throat for three days?
  • Find the love of your life or live your life single?
  • There was no more texting and driving or no more drinking and driving?

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