How Much Sex Do You’ll Be Having To Get Pregnant

When folks decide it’s time to start trying for a family they probably don’t realize just how much sex they’re going to have to have before they’re successful. Well, thanks to a new report now they do.

According to a UK survey, which could easily translate here, couples trying to conceive need to have sex an average of 78 times before they successfully make a baby. What’s more, it takes about 185 days, or six months and three days, from when they decide to start trying before they get a positive pregnancy test, which means, on average, couples have sex 13 times each month while trying to get knocked up.  

As for what kind of sex they should be having, three quarters of couples say the missionary position is the most popular for making a baby, with doggy style the second most popular at 36%.

And while all that baby making may sound like a good thing, it doesn’t seem as though everyone’s all that satisfied with the sex. Even though a third of women and 51% of men claimed they “loved” having more sex in order to make a baby, 18% found it more of a chore. In addition, 43% said they felt a lot of pressure trying to get pregnant.

Source: New York Post

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