If There Was A Computer That Told You How Long You Have To Live Would You Use It?

An artificial-intelligence computer can predict your lifespan, new research from the University of Adelaide in Australia found. The researchers took CT scans of 48 patients’ chests, which included tissue images of the aorta, heart, lungs, fat located around the heart, body fat, muscle, and bone. Then, they “taught” an artificial intelligence program to analyze the data. The results? The computer was able to predict which patients would die within 5 years with 69 percent accuracy—a rate that’s comparable to “manual” predictions made by doctors, the researchers say in a press release. The predictions were most accurate for patients with severe chronic diseases, like congestive heart failure or emphysema.

  • At what age would you want to know how much longer you had to live? 

Link: http://www.menshealth.com/health/computer-predicts-death


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