Hannah's Headlines- 6/7/2017

Man Loses 32 Pounds Eating Only Ice Cream for 100 Days

Anthony Howard-Crow, a 32-year-old stunt dieter and YouTuber from Loveland, Colorado, recently underwent an unusual diet in order to prove that you can eat pretty much anything and still lose weight as long as you keep an eye on your calorie intake. For 100 days straight, he ate only ice cream, drank a small protein shake and some alcohol, and still managed to drop 32 pounds.

Ever since starting his Abs & Ice Cream YouTube Channel, back in 2011, Howard-Crow has been trying to prove that weight loss ultimately comes down to how many calories you put into your body and how many you burn. It doesn’t matter if you eat chicken breast and brown rice, or only fast food, as long as you consume less calories than you burn, you’re going to lose weight.

Anthony’s 100-day diet began in January, and ended last month, with some interesting results. During that period, he kept a close eye on his calorie intake – 2,000 calories a day of ice cream, combined with 500 calories from protein powder and/or alcohol. At the end, he was 32 pounds lighter than when he started, and despite the seemingly unhealthy diet, his medical tests showed that he was healthier.

This ice cream diet sounds like a blast, but Anthony Howard-Crow swears that it was the worst diet he has ever tried. He wasn’t even halfway through the 100 days when he started losing interest in everything and feeling tired all the time. The dieter told Men’s Health that he used to spend 4 to 7 hours every day working on his YouTube channel, but could only manage to put in a few minutes a day, during this period. He even stopped going to the gym during the last month, because he didn’t have the energy or ambition for it.

Link: http://www.odditycentral.com/news/man-loses-32-pounds-eating-only-ice-cream-for-100-days.html

Saudi Prince Loses $350 Million And 5 Of His Wives In 6 Hours At The Casino

SHARM EL SHEIKH, EGYPT | A Saudi prince lost 1.350 Billion Riyals ($359 Million) in six hours as well as five of his nine wives while playing poker at the casino.

Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is well-known around the world for both his drug and gambling habits, but his latest betting frenzy is quite exceptional even for him.

Spending the week at the renowned Sinai Grand Casino, the Prince spent six hours at the “unlimited stakes” poker table and had an incredible losing streak.

In one evening, he lost hundreds of millions of dollars and was even forced to give up five of his spouses to cover part of his debt.

According to the director of the casino, Ali Shamoon, the prince pawned his wives in exchange for $25M in credit and left them there after he lost. Pawning or selling women is rather rare practice but it is still legal in several Middle Eastern countries.

It is still unclear what will happen to the Prince’s wives and if they will be able to return to Saudi Arabia, and most experts believe that other members of the Saudi Royal family could buy them back discretely over the next few weeks. If not, they will likely be sold at auction in a few months, probably in Yemen or Qatar.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said his government would do everything it could to facilitate the Saudi women’s return to their homeland, as soon as their husband’s debt will be paid.

Link: http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/saudi-prince-loses-350-millions-and-5-of-his-wives-in-6-hours-at-the-casino/

Today is Daniel Boone Day

June 7th is Daniel Boone Day! Daniel Boone wasn’t character created in a book – he was a character that books, movies and TV shows were made about. A famous frontiersman, it was on this date that he discovered what we now know as Kentucky. He also created a path to open up the frontier for future American settlers.

In 1769, Boone led an expedition through the Cumberland Gap, which he later transformed into the Wilderness Road, to provide others access to the western frontier. In 1773, Boone moved his family to this newly found settlement in present day Kentucky. He faced great opposition from Native Americans and British Soldiers in his newly-founded settlement. The Shawnee, a Native American tribe, captured Boone in 1778, but he escaped to protect his settlement.

In the end, Boone moved further west (to present day Missouri) and spent the rest of his life peacefully living off of the land until he died at age 85.

Boone discovered and developed one of the most important gateways for early American settlers to reach the Trans-Appalachian West. And today, he is still a symbol of the Western pioneering spirit.

Today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

June 7th is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! This is the day we celebrate one of the most popular ice cream flavors of all time: chocolate. Culinary historians believe that the first ice cream flavors were fruit-based, but by the 18th century both vanilla and chocolate were pretty common.

And it wasn’t just for “common folks.” Thomas Jefferson took a fancy to ice cream while living abroad as the Ambassador to France during the 1780s. It is likely that he is responsible for bringing this delicious frozen treat to America!

Today, the United States produces around 1.6-billion gallons of ice cream each year. Whether you prefer your chocolate ice cream in a cone, a cup, a sundae, or a milkshake, indulge in a scoop (or two!)!

Become a Morning Person By Doing These 12 Things

Set only one alarm. Waking up to an alarm sound is already bad. But waking up to 18 alarms in a row, all set two minutes apart, is like something out of a waking nightmare. Cut your misery down by setting just one alarm and then commit to actually getting up when it goes off. If you know there aren't 17 backup alarms to wake you up, you're less likely to press snooze or wait to get out of bed at the last possible second.And set the alarm 15 minutes earlier than you think you need to. The fastest way to ruin a morning and possibly the rest of the day is to be rushed getting out the door. A slow morning is one of those rare, attainable luxuries. Those extra 15 minutes of sleep aren't going to make a difference in the rest of your day, anyway.Skip the quality time with your phone. It's incredibly easy to waste the first half hour of your day in a deep Instagram story hole. Don't do this! It's a surefire way to fall back asleep, drool all over your phone, and wind up running late.Set coffee up the night before. Remember that Office episode where Michael grills his foot on his George Foreman grill because he wanted breakfast in bed? You can set up coffee the night before and attain the goal of waking up to freshly made java without the risk of burning your foot on a grill.Eat your breakfast sitting down. If you're a staunch believer in breakfast as the most important meal of the day (any meal with eggs is a great meal, just IMO), make it even better by enjoying it sitting down, rather than shoving it in your mouth as you leave home. This is another reason for waking up a bit earlier than you think you need to. Sitting down to eat breakfast is a great way to start the day slowly and turn breakfast into a relaxing ritual, instead of "something you have to do because you're hungry."Set clothes out the night before. It's early and you have enough tough decisions ahead of you for the day. Eliminate one right off the bat by taking care of it the night before.Make your dang bed. Yes, yes, you will just mess it back up the moment you get back home at the end of your long day. But even if the rest of the day is unproductive and terrible, you can say you accomplished at least one (1) thing in your day. That counts for something.Actually get up to exercise. Even if it's just a few laps around your block, or a yawn-y stroll down to the coffee shop, it's another thing you can say you accomplished in the day before you really get going. Also: endorphins are real! Exercising first thing is literally just a trick to force yourself into a good mood. It may feel hard at first, but once the habit of getting up and moving is formed, you might find yourself craving it as much as morning coffee. The more ~posi vibes~ you can associate with morning, the more you'll like them.Never start your work day in your pajamas. If you've got a work-from-home job, it can be extremely tempting to roll over in bed, sleepily grab your laptop, and work from bed until you're hungry for lunch (or coffee, or whatever). This is a trap. Get up, shower, get dressed, have a breakfast, and then jump into your workday. It'll make you feel like a full person, even if you don't have to interact with anyone face-to-face all day.Establish a set beauty look. And then mix it up just a tad each day. Develop an everyday look that doesn't take too long to craft, and then use an extra minute or two to add something ~fun~ and ~flirty~ to keep things fresh. Maybe it's the mint green eye shadow you bought on a whim but hardly ever wear, or a blue lipstick that only goes with two of your outfits. It's a fun way to keep things simple and streamlined, but never stale.Do some sort of hygiene routine. Maybe you're a shower at night person — that's fine! But there's a lot to be said for the magic of being clean. Set aside, like, three minutes to wash your face and brush your teeth before heading out the door. If you're lucky, you can trick yourself into thinking it's like a miniature spa treatment you do at the bathroom sink.Go. To. Bed. On. Time. So you accomplished everything you needed to get done and it's only 11 p.m.! Instead of staying up to catch up on the last three weeks of the Bachelorette, just go to bed. Without the computer propped up on the pillow next to you.

Link: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a9976881/things-morning-people-do-every-day/

Girl’s Short Hair Gets Soccer Team Kicked Out Of Tournament

Mili Hernandez loves playing soccer and the eight-year-old from Omaha, Nebraska is so good, she plays on the 11-year-old team. Last weekend, she helped her team move on to the finals of the Springfield Soccer Club girls’ tournament, but before they hit the field, organizers disqualified Mili and her team. And their reason? They said Mili “looked like a boy” because she has short hair. Seriously!

According to Mili’s dad, Gerardo Hernandez, they found out hours before the match that they weren’t allowed to play, so he took his daughter and her insurance card – which lists her gender as female – down to explain. But he says they wouldn’t talk to him about it and told him it was all decided.

Of course, Mili was devastated. Not only that she couldn’t play, but that she let her team down, too. And this kid loves her hair cut short, so to be accused of being a boy because of her hairstyle made it all worse.

“Just because I look like a boy doesn’t mean I am a boy,” Mili says. “They don’t have a reason to kick the whole club out.”

The Springfield Soccer Club organizers haven’t publicly commented on the incident yet, but the Internet is throwing support behind Mili. Soccer stars Mia Hamm and Abby Wambach have reached out to her on social media. “Mili,” Wambach tweeted, “don’t EVER let anyone tell you that you aren’t perfect just as you are. I won championships with short hair.”

Update: The Springfield Soccer Club has put out a statement claiming that the whole incident was due to a misprint in the team’s roster.

Source: Washington Post

Celebs Are Bringing Back Fanny Packs

Lots of times, when we see famous faces wearing something, we want in on the trend. But there’s one accessory that celebrities are bringing back that we’re not so sure about: the fanny pack.

Yes, that practical waist bag is having a moment again, thanks to Hollywood stars and models. You might be shaking your head at the thought of it, but when Kendall Jenner sports a fanny pack, the coolness factor shoots way up.

And she’s not the only celeb wearing them. Rapper A$AP Rocky has been seen rocking a fanny pack, Leonardo DiCaprio has too, and Kourtney Kardashian has a few Chanel versions, too.

So if you’re down with making this fashion statement yourself, there are all kinds of styles and price ranges to choose from. They’re sometimes called “belt bags” instead of fanny packs, but they’re the same thing.

There’s the basic style from Herschel Supply Co that you can grab at Urban Outfitters for just $30, or the Michael Kors pebble leather and logo fanny pack for $53. And if you’re willing to drop some cash on one, you can pre-order the Alexander Wang Gio fanny leather belt bag for $495. But no matter how much it costs or what you call it, it’s still a fanny pack.

Source: Huffington Post

Coffee Helps You Work Out

If you’re big on morning workouts, this trick might be for you. Waking up in the morning to go to the gym can be dreadful. Going to the gym isn’t necessarily the most fun, and waking up is a chore in itself.

A study done by professor Bruno Gualano of University of Sao showed that people who took a caffeine pill before a cycling class were 3.3% faster on their bikes than those who didn’t have the extra boost. It’s not a HUGE jump, but hey, anything helps! Get your liquid caffeine in before your morning workouts and maybe you’ll push yourself a little extra than normal!


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