10 Dating Terms You Should Know

Dating these days is a totally different game than it once was. There are apps and websites and ways of meeting people that we couldn’t have even imagined several years ago. And with a new dating culture comes a new set of words for stuff. Here are the dating terms you should have in your dictionary:

  • Cushioning - This means keeping other options around in case your main boo doesn’t work out. Yikes!
  • Layby - Putting someone “on layby” means you think they’re attractive but they’re too young for you.
  • Tuning - This just means the work that goes into dating someone before the relationship begins.
  • Breadcrumbs - Flirty texts that you might send to more than one person.
  • Dicksand - The word for an emotional attachment to your man’s mini me. Usually because the sex is good.
  • DTR - Defining The Relationship. We’ve all had to have the DTR talk.
  • Throuple - If your threesome starts happening regularly, you may be involved in a throuple.
  • Catch and Release - Dating apps have made this easier than ever. Hook up with them, and then throw them back.
  • Haunting - When someone who’s ghosted you comes back to haunt you.

 Now you can decipher all of those dating term texts you get over Bumble! It’s about time someone spelled all this stuff out.

 Source: Phoenix New Times

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