Have More Productive Meetings Using Amazon’s “Pizza Rule”

We’ve all spent enough time in meetings at work to know how much of a waste of time they can be. But we can’t always avoid them altogether, so knowing how to make them as efficient as possible is key.

As CEO of Amazon and owner of “The Washington Post,” Jeff Bezos is an extremely busy man. And he knows a little bit about how to manage meetings. One rule he's known for following helps minimize the monotony of meetings – he calls it the “two pizza rule.”

It’s pretty simple: don’t have more people in a room than you could feed with two full-size pizzas. And it makes sense because the more people you pack into a meeting, the less productive it becomes. So if two pizzas couldn’t feed the whole group, cut the attendees down so you can get more done. Because if you have to be stuck in another meeting, you at least want to accomplish something in there.

Source: Stylist

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