Men & Women Both Happy With Dad Bods

Men out there, it looks like you don’t have to worry about hitting the gym to get a six-pack. A new survey finds that not only are women totally okay with dad bods, but men with them are happier in life.

A poll by Planet Fitness finds that 69% of women say they find dad bods attractive, with that number going up to 74% for moms. What’s more, 78% of women feel men with dad bods are more confident, while 47% of women think dad bods are the new six-pack, and 83% of mothers would feel proud of their man if they had a dad bod.

Meanwhile, it sounds like men aren’t exactly stressing about their dad bod. Apparently, 80% of men with one say they are content with their overall life, while 92% are satisfied with their marriage and 61% say their dad bod gives them a sense of pride. Plus they aren’t embarrassed by their bodies, with 60% saying they don’t feel judged by their dad bod.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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