The World Is Buying Less Beer

Believe it or not, people are drinking less beer these days across the globe. Worldwide alcohol sales fell 1.3% last year and beer was down 1.8%, according to data from International Wine and Spirits Research.

On the flip side, spirits sales were up 2.25% and wine was up 2.2%. All those rosé all day drinkers must help with that. Mixed drinks are gaining popularity again, sales were up slightly for the first time in five years. Cider sales grew a bit, but were down from the 7% average growth they’d had in previous years.

So why are people opting for other libations instead of good old brew? ISWR says the beer drop is mostly because of weakness in China, the world’s largest beer market by volume. Sales there fell 4.2% and they were down in other big countries like Brazil and Russia as well.

But ISWR finds that for drinkers, it’s becoming more about quality than quantity. “There is a clear and sustained trend of consumers drinking better— not more.” And since moderation is key, looks like we’re making better choices there.

Source: Fox News

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