Secret iPhone Features

Let’s face it - most of us know how to get to our favorite apps and get out. We don’t use half of the functions that the amazing iPhone is actually capable of. So what are some of these great features that no one really knows about? “Refinery29’s” got a list:

  • Flashlight brightness - If you hard press on the flashlight icon, different brightness options will come up. Who knew??
  • Have Articles & Emails Read To You Want to get a jump on the news or emails while cooking or doing other things around your apartment? Easy. Got to Settings > General > Accessibility and toggle on Speak Screen. Then, when you're in the article or email you want read aloud, swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers and Siri will start reading. Press the turtle to slow Siri down or the hare to speed her up.Like the magnifying glass, this is another one of your iPhone's accessibility features that's useful for anyone.
  • Calculator backspace - Swipe to the right of your calculator screen and you can backspace. Huge time-saver!
  • Send emoticons - Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard and select Japanese - Kana. The emoticons are just a few taps away!
  • Texting shortcuts - In your settings, change your text replacement settings so you can have your own shortcuts for the stuff you type a lot!
  • Selective read receipts - You can turn on your read receipts for specific people - for all of those shady text conversations.

All useful things if you want to save time! iPhone is truly amazing.


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