Hannah's Headlines- 6/16/2017

One Thing You DON’T Want To Do To Your Luggage

Before we get ready for a trip, most of us like to make sure everything is safe and secure - from our homes to our luggage. So to save our suitcases from the risk of going missing, we might add an identification tag with our name and address written on it. Seems like the safe thing to do, right?

Well, the problem is that instead of adding to security, this could actually do the opposite. Travel expert Richard Clive Owens explains that putting that ID tag on your bag “says ‘This house is empty, please burgle - and take your time.” And he says you might be tempted to use a friend’s address instead, but that only makes them more likely to be robbed because the burglars don’t know or care whose house it is.

So what can we do to our luggage to help get it back in case it’s lost? Owens suggests using a work address instead, along with your cell number. That way, if there’s an issue with your smartphone, your name and work address will help you and your suitcase be reunited. Safe travels!

Source: Cosmopolitan

Man Gets A $100-Million Water Bill

Opening bills is never fun, but for Kieran Healy, he at least got a good laugh thanks to the Orange Water and Sewer Authority. Healy's bill was $188 but they added on a fee for $99.9-million. 

The Pennsylvania man tweeted a picture of his bill to the water and sewer company asking if he could pay in installments. Healy later took to Twitter to update his followers: in case their was any concern, the OWASA confirmed he did not owe them over $100-million. 

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

Source: The News and Observer 

Today is national fudge day and national flip-flop day

If You Could, Would You Want To Meet All Of Your Facebook Friends You Didn’t Know?

Ever take a look at your Facebook friend list and wonder “how many of these people are actually my friends?” Well, artist Tanja Hollander did, and after thinking about if for a while, she decided to find out the answer to that question by visiting all of her 626 Facebook friends. She documented the experience in an epic 5-year-long project called “Are You Really My Friend?” When her epic journey ended, in 2016, Tanja Hollander had visited four continents, 12 countries, 43 U.S. states and had been welcomed in over 400 homes. The epic art project also became the subject of a documentary, which was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter earlier this year.

  • How many of your Facebook friends do you actually know?

Link: http://www.odditycentral.com/art/artist-spent-five-years-travelling-the-world-to-meet

ICYMI: Deputy Gets A Bride To Her Wedding On Time-A Greenville, South Carolina bride almost missed her big day thanks to car trouble.

When Kelly Bushey Walker's limo broke down a sheriff deputy came to her rescue. Walker and her bridal party were stranded 30 miles away from the wedding chapel and it was a sweltering day.

The bride-to-be was able to flag down Deputy Taylor East and he offered to take Walker, her sister and her maid of honor to the ceremony himself. The bridal party arrived 10 minutes before the ceremony and did so in style: in the backseat of a police car.

Another near disaster for the nuptials as the groom’s ring was lost just before the ring exchange and the bride’s grandfather gave them his ring! The missing ring was found later. Source: Live 5 News Charleston

The Real Cost Of Feeding A Teen

Now that school’s out, a lot of teens will be at home. That means parents need to stock their fridge filled with food so they don’t get hungry. A new report that could cost them a lot of money.

A new survey by Farm Rich finds that the average parent will spend $51,790 to feed their hungry teenager, with parents of kids between of 13 and 19 saying the typical cost to feed one teenager is about $142 a week. What’s more, a third of parents describe their teens as a “bottomless pit,” with 75% saying they don’t know how their teen eats as much as they do.

And it’s not just costing them money; it’s costing them time, too. Parents say they spend an average of one hour and 33 minutes per week planning, buying and preparing food. That will increase 25% over the summer. They also make three trips to the grocery store each week to keep up with their teens’ food demands.

As for why parents make so much of an effort, it seems none of them want to deal with a hangry kid, because the moods are just too difficult to deal with. In fact, 57% of parents say their teen is “quick to grumble” about what they have in the house to eat, and it takes only four and a half minutes for a teen to get annoyed if they don’t find something they want. Parents also say their teen will ask, “What’s for dinner?” about five times a week while they’ll also complain, “There’s nothing to eat in the house” about three times a week.

  • ONE MORE THING! As for what foods teens eat the most at home, topping the list is pizza, which is surprisingly followed by fruits and vegetables.

Top 10 Foods Teens Devour Most at Home

  1. Pizza
  2. Fruit/Vegetables
  3. Cereal
  4. Ice Cream
  5. Potato Chips
  6. Chicken Fingers/Strips/Nuggets
  7. Mac & Cheese
  8. Spaghetti
  9. French Fries
  10. Pancakes/Waffles

Source: Yahoo Finance

Best of Craiglist: Chippewa Valley

Kwik trip - w4m (westside of eau claire) hide this posting

this was a few days ago but was scared to post on here but thought what the hell1 im scared of june bugs and so going to kwik trip with the bright lights they justcall them to the building ..well I was walking in to kwik trip on moholt June bugs were flying everywhere so im dodging them..well there was this nice looking guy in his truck watching me laughing his ass off ..so he proceeds to come into kiwktrip andgets in line behind me tells me theres a june bug in my hair so guess what I freak out and screaming ..and hes laughing his ass off again at me...my face was red let me tell you...but hope he see this cause he was damn cute ....hope to hear or see you again

Grocery Aisle - m4m 

You and I were in the same aisle and were checking out the booze merchandise. You had on a super hero t-shirt and black sweats. Message me if you see this. You looked like a really interesting guy. Let me know what store and what comic tee you had on.

6am breakfast at perkins - m4w

I was out for breakfast, you were just about done with your shift....as I was leaving you said I smelt good...I would have stayed and chatted but I was in a hurry..long shot but if this is you shoot me a message and tell me what color shirt I had on.. or if you know the girl who was working the over night shift at perkins.

24 years ago on a city bus - w4m (Eau Claire)

I flirted with you. You were the bus driver, and I was often the only passenger. I wanted to talk to you, but I was shy and you were a little older than I was. I felt there was mutual attraction, and wish I would've said hello. Anyway, if by some miracle you see this and it jogs your memory, please tell me either where you picked me up, or where you dropped me off :)

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