Companies May Want To Let People Bring Their Pets To Work

Friday is National Take Your Dog to Work Day and while you may think having pets in the office means no work will be getting done, a new survey finds that four-legged friends can actually be an asset on the job.

The new Pets At Work report from Purina reveals that folks who can bring their fur babies to the office are likely to be happier on the job. In fact, 63% of employees working at pet-friendly companies say they are “very satisfied” with their work environment, which is twice as many as those who can’t have pets in the office.

Pets in the office seem to foster a more positive environment too, with 80% of people saying they feel more relaxed and sociable when their pet is at work. What’s more, 65% of workers say it’s important to them that an employer allows them to bring their pet to work. In addition, 63% of people say they’d be more enthusiastic interviewing for a job that allows them to bring their pets in one in three people in non-pet friendly workplaces wish they could have their pet with them.

And it’s not just dogs in the office. The survey finds that while 20% of dog owners bring their pets to work, 19% of cat owners do too. 

Source: Business Journal

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