You Can Now Trolls On Instagram

Social media trolls and bullies can certainly make posting pictures on Instagram a lot less fun, but the social media site is now giving users away to block all those nasty folks from ruining your day.

The company just rolled out a new feature that will automatically block “certain offensive comments,” as well as spam. So now it’s pretty simple to stop all those people from body shaming you next time you post a bikini pic. All you have to do is go into your Settings menu, click on comments and then turn on the “Hide Offensive Comments” feature.

Right now the offensive comment feature is only available in English, so for now if someone’s trolling you in a different language there’s no way to stop it, but hopefully you won’t be able to understand them anyway. The separate spam filter is being added automatically to all accounts, and is available in nine different languages.

Source: Mashable

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