Vlogger Poisons Herself During Livestream

A Chinese health vlogger named Zhang was planning to live-stream herself eating aloe vera, but bought the wrong plant and ended up in the hospital. She was making a video about the health benefits of eating aloe vera leaves, but she accidentally bought agave Americana, or American Aloe, which is really toxic.

The American Aloe’s sap causes skin irritations and stomach issues if eaten and is only sold for decoration. So in the video, when Zhang takes the first bite, she says, “This is great! Yum!” But after the next bite, she looks concerned and says it tasted extremely bitter.

She realized she was in trouble when her mouth went numb and her throat was burning, so she abandoned the livestream and went to the hospital. She had severe rashes, blisters, and had to have her stomach pumped, but she’s expected to make a full recovery. And now she’s a lot more famous than she’d be if everything went the way she planned.

Source: The Daily Meal Watch here.


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