Brush Your Teeth In 10 Seconds

The latest gadget to be a smash on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter is a hands-free toothbrush, the inventors of which claim can clean your kisser in 10 seconds flat. 

The Amabrush looks like a sports mouthguard, except the insides are lined with bristles. A button on a small bulb starts the device to life, and brushes all your teeth, back and front, at once.

Naturally, it's Bluetooth compatible, letting you program various brushing settings via your cellphone: gum massage, whitening, burst mode, all with a click of a button. 

What's more, instead of having to spend the dentist recommended 180 seconds, twice a day, before you swish and spit, the Amabrush's creators say their patent-pending device can get you out the door in a fraction of the time.



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