New Invention Will Prevent You Losing Power At The Beach

These days folks don’t like to be separated from their devices anywhere, even while on a relaxing day at the beach, but what is a person to do if their battery starts to die while they’re enjoying the rays? Well, a new inventor may have come up with a solution. 

Eric Hawkins has created lightweight, foldaway solar panels that will attach to beach umbrellas and provide the energy needed for someone to recharge their devices without ever getting up from their beach chair. The Solarbrella, as he’s calling it, will generate 25-watts of electricity and will feature two USB cables so you can share the bliss.

Right now, Hawkins is looking for investors so he can produce his first 100 Solarbrellas and get them on the market to the general public. And while it may sound like it’ll be bulky to carry, Hawkins insists it will fold into a suitcase so it will be easily transportable.

Unfortunately, this panels won’t be cheap. Right now he’s figuring it will cost $489, and he’s also working on a larger model, which will feature 60-watts of electricity and can run a laptop for 11 hours, at a price tag of $770.

Source: The Daily Mail


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