New Distracted Driving Law Goes Into Effect On Sunday

A new law in Washington state puts the breaks on using your phone while driving. The Distracted Driving Law goes into effect Sunday. If caught, people will face charges of "Driving Under the Influence of Electronics." Motorists are not permitted to hold a cell phone while driving and they cannot check a text message while stopped at a traffic light.

If ticketed, it will cost 136-dollars. A second offense within five years will cost 234-dollars and be reported to your insurance company. Officers can also issue tickets for things like eating behind the wheel, smoking or putting on makeup. Those penalties could snag you an extra $99 ticket.

Under the new law, motorists can only use their phone if it's hands free and can be started by a single touch or swipe of a finger. And by the way? That's only if you're safely parked and out of traffic.

Source: GeekWire


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