One Spaghetti Noodle Is Called A Spaghetto

People’s minds were blown when a tweet from a Twitter user going by @caroramsey shared the news that the word “spaghetti” is actually plural and the singular form of the word is actually “spaghetto.” She was shocked to learn this new discovery herself, and so was everyone else on the Internet.

Ramsey’s tweet has gone viral because it blows away everything we thought we knew. It’s been retweeted over 18,000 times and it has over 540 comments so far. Most folks are just stunned by this spaghetto revelation.

The thing is, we never really need to talk about one single spaghetti noodle, so we never knew what it was called. And there are other Italian words that we always refer to in the plural, like cannoli, which also have a singular form we’re not familiar with - one cannoli is a “cannolo” and one ravioli is called a “raviolo.” So if you ever ask for a “spaghetto,” people might look at you funny, but you know you’ll be right.

Source: The Daily Meal


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