Luxury Toothpicks Are A Real Thing… But Why?

Toothpicks may not convey luxury or opulence, but that wasn’t always the case. Centuries ago, royalty used gold and silver toothpicks — but now they’re cheaply made and more commonly associated with the working class. That’s where Canadian entrepreneur Peter Smith saw a business opportunity. The Toronto-based founder and CEO of Daneson sells toothpicks, but not just any toothpicks. Smith sells luxury toothpicks made from American milled northern white birch that come in six flavors: bourbon, single malt, ginger honey, lemon, mint and “cinnamint.” A four-bottle pack starts at $25. With just 12 toothpicks per bottle, that’s 50 cents per toothpick. Comparatively, a plastic jar of 250 Touch Round Toothpicks costs about $2 — or less than 1 cent per toothpick.

  • How much would you be willing to spend on a toothpick?
  • Do you know someone who always has a toothpick in his or her mouth?



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