Police: Man Doing 112 MPH Was Trying To Snapchat

Police in Georgia said a man stopped for driving faster than 100 mph gave officers an unsatisfying excuse: He was trying to use a speed-based Snapchat filter.

The Alpharetta Police Department said an officer operating a stationary radar on northbound GA-400, at the Mansell Road interchange, clocked a black 2015 Dodge Charger speeding at 112 mph.

The officer wrote in an incident report that he had witnessed the vehicle change lanes and accelerate, "leaving all other traffic behind."

Police stopped the driver, Malon Brook Neal, 24, of Alpharetta, who admitted he knew he was going "over 100 mph."

"He then said he was driving in such a manner because he was attempting to take a picture using the Snapchat application on his phone," the report states.

The photo-sharing app includes a photo filter that prints the speed the user is traveling on top of the picture they took.

Neal arrested on a charge of reckless driving. He was also cited for speeding and writing/sending text-based communications while driving.

"Seriously? 'To look good on Snapchat' is never a reason to endanger the public...especially at 112 mph," the police department tweeted.

Link: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2017/07/25/Police-Man-doing-112-mph-was-trying-to


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