Amazon Founder Is The Richest Man In The World…Almost

In an honor that lasted only a few hours, Amazon Founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, surpassed Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, to become the world's richest person yesterday. The win, even though it was brief, was due in large part to Amazon's recent acquisition of Whole Foods.

Bezos ended the day with a net worth of $89.8-billion to Gates' $90.8-billion. But with his empire growing at rapid pace, and Gates dedication to give his wealth away, experts say Bezos will come out on top soon.

Even though his wealth may be skyrocketing, Bezos lags far behind other billionaires when it comes to philanthropy. Gates, for example, has given away about $35-billion in grants since 2000. Bezos hasn't been so giving, but in recent months has hinted at some interest in the concept.

Source: CNBC


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