A New Trend in Weddings: "Budtenders"

What in the world is a budtender? There’s a new trend flying around millennial weddings, and it involves an open bar for pot at your reception. How wild is that? We all know we go to weddings for the open bars anyway, so why not step up the open bar game with a few joint options, right?

Top Shelf Budtending is a company geared towards bringing their finest strains to your special day. The company is equipped with knowledgeable staff and budtenders, but there’s a catch - you have to supply the weed yourself. What’s the point? Why not just sneak out back with your friends and a joint you packed? The budtenders are here to help regulate. No one wants all of their guests stoned out of their mind at the wedding, so the experts will help regulate and educate.

Is it edging out the alcohol game? Not really. Alcohol is so ingrained in what we do, it’s hard to get rid of entirely. But why not add a little more fun to your party?

Source: PopSugar

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