As Seen On TV Items Your Kitchen NEEDS

We’ve all seen those late-night infomercials hocking “life changing products” and been sucked in, even for just a minute. But not long after that “How have I lived without this?” feeling, our healthy skepticism takes over and we come to our senses before buying.

The thing is, some of those “as seen on TV” products do live up to the hype. Some will be worth the cabinet space because they’ll help you do kitchen jobs faster and more efficiently. Here are a few worth splurging on.

  • Magic Bullet Nutribullet - Sure, you could drag out the blender, but this tool works fast and you can whip up a smoothie in the cup and head out the door with it for just $80.
  • Ove Glove - This glove is a next-level pot holder that’s made of materials that keep hot stuff from burning your skin and the outer layer is flame-resistant, so it won’t melt. Totally worth the $14.95 to not grab a hot surface again.
  • Vegetti - Want to make your own veggie noodles at home without buying an expensive spiralizer? All you need to DIY zucchini, squash, and sweet potato “voodles” is this little $10 device.
  • Vidalia Chop Wizard - This is an Amazon Best Seller and when you use it, you’ll know why. With it you can dice onions without shedding tears and it chops other fruits, veggies, and cheese, too. And you can clean it in the dishwasher, making it a bargain at $19.50.
  • Ronco Electric Food Dehydrator - It comes with five trays so you can do a lot at once, plus it’s really quiet when it’s working. You’ll be so healthy snacking on your kale, beet, and squash chips and smart, too, because this dehydrator only costs $30.

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