Phone Survives 1000 Foot Drop From Airplane


A phone dropped from an airplane over Kentucky survived the 1,000-foot drop and filmed its fall along with its discovery by some confused residents.

Robert Ryan posted a video to YouTube that was filmed by a phone belonging to his uncle, Blake Henderson, during a flight over Kentucky.

"My uncle Blake Henderson encountered severe turbulence while chasing a JN-4 Jenny bi-plane (seen at the beginning of the video)" Ryan wrote. "His phone was sucked out of the craft on accident and dropped around 1000 ft into a very nice families yard!"

The video shows the phone not only survived the fall, it remained in working condition when it was found by a pair of men next to a home.

"Here's your phone," one man says.

The other picks up the device and inspects it, wondering how it ended up in the yard, before declaring: "This ain't my phone. Mine's in my pocket."

The two men quizzically examine the phone and wonder as its origins while noting the fact that its currently recording video.

Ryan praised the "plastic construction" of the Samsung Galaxy S5 with helping it to survive the fall "in great shape with nothing really broken."

From UPI


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