Wasabi-Flavored Toothpaste is here

Not everyone loves the flavor of mint toothpaste. That’s why some brands come in fruit, bubble gum, cinnamon and even fennel flavors. But now there’s wasabi-flavored toothpaste and somehow it’s supposed to kill bad breath.

This unique tube comes from Australian hair, skin, and body product company Aesop and it’s their first-ever toothpaste. And if you’re shaking your head like we did, wondering why they chose wasabi as the flavor for something that’s supposed to clean your mouth, they have a good reason. It’s supposed to be good at getting rid of bad breath. And for $17 a tube, let’s hope they’re right.

The flavor is supposed to taste more like black licorice than what we eat with a spicy tuna roll, but we’re not so sure. The fluoride-free formula also has cardamom, anise, spearmint, and clove essential oils and is even supposed to soothe gums as you brush. But if you want to save your wasabi for your sushi, we’ll be right there with you, because boring old mint works just fine.

Source: Well And Good

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