Research: Poop Ingredient Could Extend Life

The good news is researchers have found a compound that helps extend life; the bad news is it’s in our poop.

The even worse news for this scientific find is, it’s what makes our bowel movements stink. Indole is an organic compound in the gut and it travels to the bowels. Emory University School of Medicine associate professor Daniel Kalman explains that indole can alter the way we perceive stress, knocking down it’s negative effects. Health span is defined as the capacity to live better for longer. One way that happens is to have the capacity to handle stressors. Another way is to resist normal aging. Given our data showing the stress sensitivity, we reasoned health span, in general, might be improved.”

So far Kalman and the team are not recommending the use of indole, or even how that would be possible. When the research is concluded, there may be an idea floated. Source: Digital Trends


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