Mom Panhandles $10K To Send Daughter To College

Paying for college is a challenge many parents have to deal with, but one Michigan mom took an unconventional approach to raising the money: panhandling. Lori Truex, a school bus driver, spent 79 days this summer standing on street corners in Battle Creek to collect funds to send her daughter to college.

This mom carried signs and had laminated paperwork to prove to folks that she wasn’t trying to scam anyone. Her daughter Kendall had been accepted to Michigan State and just needed the finances to get there. And mom’s plan worked!

Truex collected $4,872.30 from panhandling and another $5,400 from a GoFundMe campaign, for a grand total of $10,272.30. This will help pay for Kendall’s first year of college, along with grants, scholarships, and loans.

"This has been a summer I will never forget," Truex says. "I feel very blessed. We are very, very grateful."

Source: USA Today


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