Burger King Giving Whoppers To Recently Fired

If you’ve been fired from a job, you probably need a little pick-me-up. And Burger King has just the thing to cheer you up: free food. BK is giving away a Whopper to anyone who’s willing to admit they’ve gotten the axe at work - you just have to post it on LinkedIn.

To claim the free burger, Burger King wants you to publicly “own your fire” by posting this on LinkedIn: “I got fired, I want a free whopper. #Whopper Severance.” So if you haven’t shared the news of your employment ending, the secret will be out then.

BK is giving away up to 2500 Whoppers through September 1. Once you post your messageThe King himself will comment with a link to register for your Whopper severance package via mail. The campaign is a spin on the fire grilling technique Burger King uses to make the Whoppers.

"We are always looking for ideas which showcase the fact that we flame-grill our Whopper sandwich," Head of Marketing Fernando Machadoexplains. "This is an idea that basically showcases the love people have for the Whopper sandwich. We know getting fired sucks, but getting a free Whopper doesn't." And we can’t argue with that!

Source: Delish


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