Puke And Beer Repellent Sneakers

Finally - a pair of shoes we can all get behind! These new Adidas sneakers are perfect for city-dwellers who go to crowded bars and concerts often. Why? Because they’re puke and beer repellent, which means you’ll be safe from strangers’ accidents as well as your own. What more could you ask for?!

The sneakers, inspired by Oktoberfest, are made of leather and repellent materials so that you don’t get your socks wet with whatever unfortunate liquids might fall on them. The best part? The sneakers are actually pretty cute – even though you’d think they might not be considering they’re so versatile. The shoes are made in Germany, but they can be shipped internationally, so anyone can be safe from beer and vomit filled nights.

The worst part? The cost. You’ll have to break the bank it bit – these kicks cost $240.

Source: Bustle

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