Science: Standing Is Just As Bad As Sitting

Lately it seems we’re always hearing reports about how bad sitting is for people's health. In fact, such reports have lead to some folks to get standing desks at work in order to avoid such sitting health hazards. Well, according to a new study, those standing people aren’t really helping themselves, and long-term standing can be just as bad as long-term sitting.

New research by scientists out of Ontario, Canada, finds that folks who spend a good portion of their day standing are more likely to develop health issues like heart disease and back problems. The heart issues are caused because when standing, blood pools down at the legs, which puts more stress on the heart to pump it back up.

The study looked at 7,320 workers, with a mix of those who sat, stood or did both at least 15 hours a week at work. All needed to be free from heart disease, but after a 12-year period those who spent most of their day standing were twice as likely to develop heart disease than those who spent their day predominately sitting.

The solution? Well, that’s easy. Experts recommend those who spend a good portion of their day standing need to find time to sit so they don’t develop heart disease.

Source: The Daily Mail 

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