Man Files Lawsuit Marriage To Computer Denied

A man trying to marry his computer is suing Alabama for not recognizing the marriage, according to a federal lawsuit.

The 46-page lawsuit was filed by Chris Sevier and other self-identified "machinists." According to court documents, Sevier, a resident of Oneonta, sought a marriage license from the probate office in Blount County and was denied.

The lawsuit claims Sevier married an object with "female like features" in New Mexico, but clerks in Utah, Colorado and Kentucky refused to issue him a marriage license. He has filed similar lawsuits in those states as well.

The other plaintiffs in the lawsuit are John Gunter, Jr., Whitney Kohl and John Grace Harley, all Utah residents, who describe themselves as polygamists and were denied a marriage license in Blount County.

Sevier filed the lawsuits as a form of protest against same sex marriage, saying probate judges in Alabama are issuing marriage licenses to couples in same sex relationships but not to polygamists and machinists. In the lawsuit, he said of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized same sex marriage:

“Moral relativist who have infiltrated the bench like a cancer cannot be permitted to monkey with the Fourteenth Amendment just because they believe that "the ends justify the means" or because they feel entitled to personally misuse government to enshrine their own jaded religious worldview so that they themselves feel less ashamed and inadequate out their own core beliefs that are demonstrably irrational and a catalyst that erodes freedom through coercion.”


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