Man Isn't Happy That His Online Master's Degree May Be Fake

Erwin Sniedzins wanted to get a Master's degree but he didn't feel like going the traditional route. As the Toronto business man explains, "I don't necessarily like to pay $30,000 to get a master's when I feel I already have the knowledge." 

He did some online research and found Kings Lake University, which assured him that his life experience and professional accomplishments qualify him for the degree. What's more, no studying, exams, or academic work was required. 

Erwin forked over $81-hundred and was sent paperwork telling him he now has a master's degree in education, specializing in technology in education. He says he'll be "angry" if he finds out its a sham, especially considering he has a piece of paper supposedly signed by John Kerry. The CBC did some investigating, and, probably not surprisingly, it seems like the degree is fake. 

Source: CBC

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