Burglar Targets Funeral Home

Some creepy dude robbed a funeral home.

Police in Kentucky are looking for a burglar caught on camera stealing clothes from a funeral home. Authorities say the man broke into the Watts and Hunt Funeral Home in Leitchfield Wednesday night.

Surveillance video shows him stripping down and then putting on clothes that were laid out for the funeral of 81-year-old Ray Daughtery, who was to be buried the next day. Police say the burglar spent three hours inside the funeral home napping, drinking soda, eating candy and stealing the keys to a hearse. Investigators think the same suspect may have robbed a local person earlier that day.

Despite all this, the police have a message for the morbid man: "You can redeem yourself. Man up, come forward and let us work with you and we'll do what we can to help you out."

Source: WDRB

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