STUDY: 1 In 3 People Get Naked In Public When They’re Drunk

People shed more than inhibitions when they get drunk — like dresses, shirts and pants.

A whopping 39% of people have removed clothing in public while under the influence of alcohol, according to a new study of American drinking habits by

“There are a few primary indicators you can look for after a night out that might tell you if you’ve had too much to drink,” note the authors of the study released Wednesday to the Daily News for an exclusive first look. “Some may be a bit more obvious than others."

Channeling Lady Godiva or Magic Mike after beer and cocktails is obviously one of them. And there are more. “If you wake up in jail, or with little memory of the events that may have transpired to get you there, it’s probably a safe bet that you had too much to drink,” authors of the study, “Bad and Boozy,” add.

It turns out that 9% of the 2,000 survey subjects across the U.S. had been arrested while drunk. Other eye-opening findings: 6% of subjects set fires and 3% got a tattoo while under the influence.

“We ran this study in the hopes that it will reach people that need help but don’t know where to turn,” a survey spokesman tells the Daily News.

And while it’s worth noting that is in the business of recovery, which could skew results, it’s well-documented that being drunk can alter people’s mood, behavior and judgment.


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