Social Media Is A Decider With Vacations

These days most of us are used to seeing friends who fill their social media feeds with pictures of their vacations, and it seems for those folks, how that trip will look on Facebook is driving their decisions about where they want to go.

According to a new Travelzoo survey, 53% of folks say there’s pressure to book unique or exotic vacations, and 40% say they feel pressure to book adventurous vacations. Overall, 47% of people say that the pressure for those types of vacation comes from social media, with 30% of people booking trips specifically because they think they'll look good on their feed.

But even though social media plays a big role in vacations for some people, others would rather disconnect entirely. The survey finds that half of respondents say a digital disconnect enhances the idea of a trip. As for reasons they want such disconnection:

  • 28% say they check their emails too often
  • 27% say they are jaded by the news
  • 22% say they feel too tied to a phone 

And thankfully social media isn’t the motivation for everyone’s vacation. In fact, 56% of people still say their top goal of a getaway is relaxing, while 44% say it’s enjoying great food.

Source: Travelzoo 

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