Is Your Coffee Habit More Expensive Than An iPhone X?

Think you can’t afford the new iPhone X? With all the fancy features it’s going to have, the 64GB model will cost $999 when it’s released on November 3, so for a lot of us, it’s out of our price range. But with a little budget juggling, you could get your hands on one, if you’re willing to give up your coffee habit, that is.

Some smarties over at “Business Insider” crunched the numbers and figured out that if we swap some of our spending habits, we’d have enough to buy the new iPhone. If you break down the price of the 64MB iPhone X model over the course of time the average consumer will keep it – 22.7 months - the cost is just $1.57 a day. And that’s probably less than you’re spending at Starbucks for your daily caffeine fix.

Of course, no one’s suggesting that you quit coffee, just that you think about how much it’s costing you each day. We love a good cold brew as much as anyone, but is that worth more than the iPhone you’ll touch around 2,617 times per day? The choice is yours!

Source: Business Insider

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