We’re All Confused By This Vintage “Donut Salad” Recipe

When political scientist Paul Fairie recently tweeted an old recipe he found, people of the Twitterverse were confused. The recipe is for “Prune and Cream Cheese Donut Salad” and he captioned the post “if this can be a salad, you can be anything.” But what is a donut salad, exactly?

The recipe is pretty simple, the ingredients include a quarter pound of cream cheese, four prunes, four doughnuts and four lettuce leaves. You’re just supposed to quarter the donut, then “spread cut ends with cream cheese” and reassemble the doughnut on top of the lettuce leaf and place the cream cheese-stuffed prune next to it.

So it’s easy, but does adding lettuce to a doughnut automatically make it a salad? Twitter users are just as confused as we are. “If you don’t eat the lettuce, is it still a salad?” one asked. Another said this was her kind of salad. Some even shared their own recipes for “salad” - like the one for “ice and whisky salad.”

But our favorite response to this retro recipe is “Nothing about doughnuts and cream cheese says salad to be. BUT I am willing to learn.”

Source: Fox News


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