Join the Mile High Club With This In Flight App

Have you been dying to join the Mile High Club at some point in your life? Doing the dirt on an airplane has always has some kind of appeal to people – no matter how uncomfy the actually act is in real life.

Now finding a sexual partner on your flight is made a little easier with Qantas’s new Boeing Dreamliner offering a new service called “Seatchat.” What’s that?

Seatchat is a way for you to message anyone around the plane as long as you know their seat number. It comes up on the fun little screens they have on the back of all the seats. Sure, the app is probably more commonly used to chat with friends and family members seated in other areas of the plane.

Now, WE see it as an opportunity to chat up the cute stranger a few rows ahead…and while the app doesn’t exist on all flights, once it starts getting more popular, we imagine people will start using it to slide into strangers’ DMs.

 SourceFox News


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