Study: Men And Women Define Cheating Differently

For some folks, cheating is a deal-breaker. But what constitutes being unfaithful is different to different people. And according to a new study, men and women don’t see the definition of cheating in the same way

Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology asked 92 heterosexual couples how they would feel in four hypothetical cheating situations. It’s not a surprise to find out that none of them loved the idea of being cheated on, but when it came to emotional infidelity, men and women view things differently.

For the women, flirting and dancing with someone else at a party counted as emotional cheating - something they felt would be hard to move past and assumed their partner wouldn’t forgive them for. But the men in the study tended to believe that the only thing that counts as infidelity is sex.

“Men understand that emotional infidelity is a problem,” the studyexplains. “They just do not have insight into how great a problem their partner finds it to be.” And that’s a big issue. Because there isn’t just one definition of cheating, but you and your partner better have the same understanding of what counts and what doesn’t!

Source: Mind Body Green


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