Unemployed Man’s Cardboard Sign Gets Him A Job

After spending six months sending out his resume and cover letter to different prospective employers, Nathan Campbell was frustrated his job search hadn’t landed one for him yet. The 22-year-old from Scotland says he either got no response or a negative one, so he decided to change tactics.

Campbell grabbed some cardboard and made a sign reading “Please give me a job!” That strategy might sound questionable, after standing on a street corner with his job sign for a half hour, he had five different business cards from interested folks. And by the end of the week, he landed a construction job.

“The whole sitting in the house and going through the same stuff every day drove me up the walls and I thought I had to do something,” Campbell explains. “Just making that one small move made a massive difference. I would definitely tell people to put themselves out there.”

Source: Good News Network

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