Try Out This Whiskey Scented Deodorant

Have you ever thought that you love whiskey so much that you would consider rubbing it on your body? Well, now you can, and it won’t even be sticky or weird (well, not exactly). Pit Liquor is a company that’s all about getting your pits under control with the help of alcohol. It’s Colorado-made and features whiskey, vodka, tea, and other natural ingredients.

The ingredients are also sourced locally so you won’t be shopping the generic brands you see at drugstores. The spray deodorant actually kills bacteria when you use it too, keeping your pits clean. And the bottles? They almost look like they’re perfume, making them the perfect accent for your vanity! It comes in three scents - Whiskey Lavender, Whiskey Vanilla, and Whiskey Black Pepper!

Source: Bustle


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