Are "dumb" phones the new smartphones?

While Apple made headlines releasing its most expensive iPhone yet, there is a growing movement of phone users looking to buck the smartphone bells-and-whistles, and go dumb.

While old timey flip-phones scratch the retro itch for some, the popularity of a new breed of sleek phones are heating up, and they do little more than make calls. Imagine that.

One of these is The Light Phone: a slim device that has light up buttons, an on-off-switch, and, well, that's it. Oh, it comes in two equally basic color options: white or black. That being said, it was a smash on Kickstarter, and has thousands of pre-orders stacked up: it will be available in February of 2018, for a very non-iPhone price of $125.

The Light Phone doesn't let you text. "We are thoughtfully limiting our technology, 'going light', so that we can reconnect in meaningful ways with the world around us," the website's FAQ notes.

However, for those who just want to call but have the option to text, there's the Punkt, a $295 phone that looks like a calculator -- hey, remember those!? It has round, clicky buttons that let you call people, and text the old school way. And by "old school" we mean circa 2003.  

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