Phrases To Avoid At The Holiday Meal

With the stress of the holidays and maybe a glass or two of wine, family gatherings can lead to tense moments during dinner conversations. We can’t stop someone else from saying the wrong thing, but we can all agree to stay away from certain subjects so things don’t get too uncomfortable around the table. Here are some phrases we should avoid at holiday dinners so we can all have a good time.

“You should have…” - The word “should” just makes us feel the judgment and disappointment, so avoid all that negativity and use “could” instead when you can.

“Can you believe what [insert name of detested elected official or political party here] just did?” - You know better than to bring up politics in mixed company, especially at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Unless you’re looking for a heated debate, just don’t do it.

“The best turkey I ever had was…” - Be a polite guest, not a food critic. Holiday meals are not the time to talk about how a dish could’ve been prepared better or to compare meals you’ve had in the past. You’re better off focusing on how tasty the meal in front of you is and how much you appreciate it.

“Did you hear about…?” - It’s easy to slip into gossip mode, but try to steer the conversation back to something positive instead of dogging cousin Joe who escaped to Florida instead of coming to family dinner.

“When are you going to…” - Try not to make anyone feel defensive or put on the spot and if you’re the one in the hot seat, try to deflect with humor and a smile as you change the subject.

“Remember the time you…” - Holiday dinners aren’t the time to bring up unflattering stories about loved ones, even if you think the story is hilarious. If someone brings up a mistake from the past, try saying “I’m so glad we can look back and laugh about it now.”

Source: Real Simple

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