"It" toy of the holiday season SOLD OUT

The “It” gift of the holiday season is already sold out, and moms and dads are panicking. The LOL Big Surprise — a larger version of the fad LOL dolls — is a purse-like glittery ball, filled with 50 individually wrapped gifts: dolls, doll accessories, fizzy bath bombs and temporary tattoos, among other goodies. Originally priced at $70, the Big Surprise is already out of stock at big-name stores, including Toys R Us and Target. But the market has spoken: The same product is now retailing at a whopping $180 on Walmart’s website and for similar prices on eBay.

  • Would you pay double for your kid’s number one Holiday gift request?
  • Did your parents pay extra to get you your number one holiday gift request?

Link: http://nypost.com/2017/11/14/parents-are-shelling-


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