French Gym Has Hours For Naked Workouts

If you like doing normal everyday stuff while not wearing any clothes, it seems like Paris is the place for you. The French capital recently opened a clothing-optional naturist area in the city’s largest park and their first naked restaurant - where diners strip down before dinner - just opened their too. And now those who want to work out in the buff have a gym to do it in.

The fitness center is offering naked time weeknights from 9-11 p.m. and according to a Reddit forum, most of the nudist gym goers have been men, between the ages of 20 and 70. Women are welcome, too, but there haven’t been too many of them coming in for a sweat sesh in the buff.

This gym is located in the same building as the Roger Le Gall pool, which also allows naturists in at night and has other naked activities, including yoga. But as freeing as it might be to let it all hang out when you’re getting your fitness on, it’s got to be distracting to be in a yoga class behind a naked guy, no matter how zen you are.

Source: Whimn

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